Furby Timeline

Fall 1998: The original Furby is released. They are extremely popular, and difficult to find at first. Due to the high demand people sold them online for very high prices. From 1998-2001, many different types of Furbies were made; with 8 released batches, as well as many special editions.

Spring 1999: Furby Babies are released, and are immediately as successful as the originals. They are slightly different; they're smaller, come in different colors, and have different voices and dialogue.

2001- The popularity of Furby was declining, due to the sheer amount of Furbies made. Shelbies were released as an alternative, however, they did not sell nearly as well as Furbies ever did. Shelby resembles a Furby crossed with a crab or clam, and has different dialogue than Furbies and Furby Babies.

2002: The official end of "Furby 1.0". Production of 1.0-era Furbies, Shelbies and merchandise is ceased due to declining sales. There were still prototype Furbies that were never released, as well as a batch of Furbies that were only released in Latin America. These Furbies are the rarest ones to find today.

Fall 2005: The Emoto-tronic Furby (also known as the 2005 Furby) was launched, beginning the Furby 2.0 era. They are very different in appearance than the original Furbies and look more realistic. They also have voice-recognition and come with an on-off switch. These Furbies did not sell well, due to competition from other robotic pets such as Fur-Real and the fact that they often didn't work correctly, along with the poor voice recognition. The Furby movie, Furby Island, is also released.

2006: Funky Furby was released, which are basically more brightly-colored Emoto-tronic Furbies who would sing and play music. Emoto-tronic Furby Babies were also released, resembling a smaller Emoto-tronic Furby with moving legs and big eyes. Both the Funky Furby and the Emoto-tronic Furby Baby were only released in Europe and a few other countries.

2007: The 2.0 era ended quietly with the ceasing of production of all Emoto-tronic Furbies and Babies, and Funky Furbies.

Fall 2012: Furby is brought back after years. The 2012 Furby is launched, kicking off the Furby 3.0 era. They look much more like the original Furby than the Emoto-tronic. However, they now have LCD screen eyes, plastic ears, and the ability to bend forward and move around more. They also come with much more dialogue, and the ability to change personalities based on how they are treated. A smartphone app was also released that could interact with the Furby. They became extremely popular, and a few more batches of colors were released.

Spring 2013: Furby Party Rockers were launched. They are the predecessor to the current Furblings, and look like small Furbies with different looking beaks and ears. They could communicate with the 2012 Furby. However, they were not recieved as well as the 2012 Furby.

Fall 2013: The Furby Boom is released as an upgraded 2012. They are sometimes considered "Furby 3.5", due to their slight differences; such as different personalities, a more advanced app, and the characteristic hole in the top of their ears. They are still able to communicate with the 2012 Furbies. They quickly became just as popular as the 2012s, prompting more batches of colors and special editions to be made. Furblings, which are small newborn Furbies who had the ability to talk to 2012s and Booms, were released shortly after.

2014: The Crystal Series Furby Boom is released. They are special edition Booms with a bright neon gradient fur design, and gem-like ears and faces. Accompanying Furblings were also released.

2015: Furbacca, a Star Wars-themed Furby Boom, was released based off of Chewbacca. This Furby has a unique personality like that of Chewbacca, and does not change like the others do. He came with his own Star Wars-themed app. This is the last 3.0 (or 3.5) era furby released, and it is assumed this era of Furbies has ceased, but Furbaccas are still in production and the amount of time between Furby 3.0 and Furby 4.0 is much shorter than any other generations.

Fall 2016: The Furby Connect is released, beginning the Furby 4.0 era. The use the same logo as Furby 3.0 but are different enough in appearance, programming, and mechanics to be considered a new generation. They are different than the past Furbies; they are rounder than the 3.0 Furbies with smaller beaks, they have different style holes in their ears, an antenna on their head, and bend to the side instead of forward. The most destinctive difference is the upgrade in their eye screens, becoming a colored screen displaying more detailed blue eyes, as opposed to the past grey LCD screens. They also have a more in-depth app which allows them to learn songs and phrases, and collect virtual Furblings. They come with sleep-masks that put them to sleep so they won't wake up by accident. Currently there is only one batch of Furby Connect colors, and more are expected. This is the current era of Furby; this page will be updated if more is announced!