Want to put a furby up for sale here?

message me on Discord at: fakku#2782, or

send me an email at frond420@gmail.com!

Make sure to include a picture of the furby, the condition of the furby, any glitches they might have, and a price. Also, please give a way to contact you that you're comfortable being shared on the site, so that anyone wishing to purchase the furby can get in contact with you!
Once a furby is sold, let the buyer or the seller contact me immediately so I can remove them from the page.

Furbies for Sale

Model: Furby Boom
Color: Waves
Condition: Very good. Seems to have the Boom tilt glitch (where it thinks it's being shaken or moved when it isn't).
In box?: No
Price: 20$ + shipping (US)
Contact Info: 2gemiinii2@gmail.com
Model: Furby 2005
Color: Sleepy Pink
Condition: No rubber on beak. Currently untested, but the seller will test them soon.
In box?: No
Price: Negotiable: minimum of 30$ + shipping (US)
Contact Info: furbology.tumblr.com
Model: Furby 1998
Color: Y2K
Condition: Has "me sleep again" glitch. Is otherwise fine.
In box?: No
Price: 12$ + shipping (US)
Contact Info: hicfurby@gmail.com