Furby 2012 Personalities

A unique function of the 3.0-era is that they are programmed to change their behavior and voice based on how they are treated. The 2012 Furbies come with 5 personalities; which are different than the ones Furby Booms have. The way their eyes look will be different depending on their current personality. When a furby is changing they will usually announce it, flash their eyes, and go into the sleep position for a few seconds before re-emerging as the different personality type.
There is an unofficial app that will change your furby's personality at the press of a button, although it is android-specific.

None of the personalities have official names, but all of the common fan names will be listed.

Default All furbies start off with the default personality. You can get it back after the furby has changed by turning your furby upside down, holding down the tongue, and holding the tail pulled for 2 seconds. They have a voice similar to the 1998 and Connect furbies and speak only Furbish, no English. This personality is very basic, they will laugh, purr and sing and do not have any dislikes. Their eyes are basic circles and they change more quickly than other types.