How to Skin an Original Furby

Skinning a Furby often seems like a daunting task. "How do I get the skin off without damaging the Furby?" one may ask. It looks complicated but I've found it's actually quite easy to skin 1998 Furbies and Babies. This guide applies to both, as they are identical in how their fur is put on. The only downside is that part of the ears must be clipped off, but they are easy to fix. Skinning a Furby is neccessary to fix it in some cases. It is also important if a Furby gets severely dirty and needs to be washed (putting a Furby skin in a gentle wash cycle works very well). Some customizations/modifications such as dyeing the fur also require skinning.

1. Make sure Furby's batteries are removed so that them moving won't get in the way. Look under Furby's tail and you will see a zip-tie covered in white fabric. There are two different routes you can take here; it is optimal to remove it, then replace it. The tie isn't neccessary to keeping the fur on though, so you could remove not replace it, although the fur will seem a bit more loose later on. The most difficult route is taking the skin off without removing it. Once you have done this it's difficult to impossible to get it back on correctly. I reccommend cutting the tie, even if you don't have a replacement. So cut the stitches on the white fabric under the tail until you can access the tie, then cut it with scissors and pull it out. If you would rather keep it in, pry it up with a large flat screwdriver.

2. Now you can start moving up Furby's skin. There may be hot glue in some places holding the skin on; just keep pulling until it comes off. This won't damage the Furby themselves, or their outer appearance. Now you'll see two screws holding the plastic face on; unscrew these. Rarely, some furbies will have either pieces of plastic that hook together or the faceplate is simply hot glued on. It is unknown why this happens, although it is likely do to factory differences. The plastic hooks are easy to remove. The hot glue is a bit harder, but slowly and gently pry it off. Faceplates are very strong, so do not worry about breaking it.

3. Before pulling it up further, look at Furby's ears. If you pull the inner side up, you will see a thread holding the ear to the ear bones. Locate it and cut it for both ears, which will now allow you to fully remove Furby's skin. Later, once you are putting the skin back on, you can sew the ear back on or stick earrings through the holes if you would like to accessorize your Furby!

4. Keep pulling up Furby's skin. There will likely be a lot of hot glue holding the top of the Furby on. Prying it off will not damage the Furby at all, although if you like you could use scissors. Slip the ear bones out of the slots in the skin. You should now have successfully removed Furby's fur! Do with it what you wish.

4. Sometimes to fix your Furby it is necessary to also take off the outer plastic inside of them. This plastic is held on by a few screws; generally, there are two on each side, one on the bottom in the back of Furby, and one on the top of Furby inside of a hole. There may be more depending on the factory that made them. After unscrewing these it should be easy to pull them off. Just make sure to slide the ear bones out and don't damage the microphone which is usually inside a hole in the plastic. The pet sensor button will also come off with the plastic case. This will leave the motor, speaker, and all of Furby's other mechanics open.


Reassembling is relatively easy. If you removed Furby's inner plastic case, screw them back on, making sure that the pet sensor is in the right place between them. Pull Furby's skin back on, and re-screw in the face correctly. Put the ear itself back on the bone. Using a needle and thread, find the hole in the bone that the original thread went through, and stick it through. What I always do is just tie it off around the Furby's ear and cut any excess thread, this keeps their ear on fine. Sticking earrings through the hole is also an easy and fashionable way to keep the ear on! The way the hole in the ear bone looks depends on the Furby's factory, and if they are a baby or an adult Furby. Now just put batteries in Furby and let them recover from their surgery!